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Listening to “demo” tracks is akin to reading an author’s autobiography or even an introduction to a novel. Typically, they give some insight into an artist’s creative process. Most demos seem to feature the real fingerprint of the band before any asshole producer label suit gives their input. These two tracks off Blur’s seminal album Parklife fit that mold. Listening to the demo for “Boys & Girls” it’s obvious this song began life as a post-punk-dance groove complete with required post-punk beat. The released version is great, but for our money we’ll take this rough “demo” any day. It’s got some life to it that the released version had squeezed out in mastering.

We also have the “demo” for the albums title track, “Parklife.” Rock these loud enough so your boss can shake his fat ass. — Martin Stett

Blur – Boys & Girls (demo) ’93


Blur – Parklife (demo) ’93


DOWNLOAD THE TRACKS: Boys & Girls (demo) ’93Parklife (demo) ’93

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