Posted by: Johnny Loftus on August 31, 2007 at 10:30 am

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The indie movie format was finally crushed into the shape of a big wallet by Little Miss Sunshine. It had been coming for awhile, but that film’s smarmy cocktail of dysfunction, head games, cute children, and a song-and-dance climax severely lowered the expectations for every similar film that came after it. Now that they’re all arriving, formula intact, it’s tough to consider any of them individually because they’re so un-individual in their presentation of the human condition. The American Ninja series has more surprises than this homogeneous indie kitsch.

Check Gosling’s sweater, his greasy comb-down, his ‘stache. Check the central conflict — oh crap, not only is he lonely, but he’s a creep too, because he ordered a RealDoll online and is calling it his girlfriend — then check the indie film conceit of blowing up the central conflict into something we can all be happy about. Hey man, of course your RealDoll is real. Of course you’re not crazy. And heck, maybe we’re all just made of a vinyl composite similar to human skin anyway, you know? Cue the emotion scene, and the big swell of music. It’s just the trailer. But here’s to hoping we’re wrong, even while dreading that we’re not.

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