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Lately Hollywood has been loving its outsourcing of core creativity. Why generate ideas when you can co-opt proven properties? Thus remakes galore or films based on popular graphic novels and video games, two options that come with the added benefit of built-in fanboy audiences. There are a few good examples of this (Sin City) and quite a few bad ones (Doom).

Director Paul WS Anderson is currently helming a remake of the trash classic Death Race 2000, and he’s involved in a big screen version of the video game Spy Hunter. And we’re worried about both of those, but we’ll see how they turn out. Remember, Anderson’s first big splash was 2002′s Resident Evil, which was also one of the first really successful video game adaptations. It had an intriguing gothic darkness about it, Milla Jovovich was a dream in the lead role, and even when it became just another sci-fi/horror/action hybrid full of exploding zombie heads, devil dogs, and high-powered ordinance, it was still mightily entertaining.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse, its sequel? Pretty fucking terrible. Watching it felt like being forced to watch someone else play the world’s most tedious first person shooter, and badly. And yet, it had Milla. And that desert nomad bad ass from The Scorpion King. And, of course, exploding zombie heads.

Apparently it also made enough money to warrant a third Resident installment, since Extinction is here. This time around it’s Milla, desert nomad bad ass, and R&B starlet Ashanti doing the zombie ass-capping. Ali Larter appears in this trailer, too, but how much do you want to bet she’s in a minor role that’s getting played up in the hype because of her breakout appearance in “Heroes”? (Ask Jaimie Foxx about how studios do this.) And while its format might be too large — reserving the environs of the first two outings to the subterranean warrens of Racoon City gave the Resident films an effective sci-fi claustrophobia — bringing the fight between the humans, the zombies, and Umbrella Corp. to the surface (Las Vegas, actually) gives the filmmakers plenty of opportunities for CG madness mixed with an apocalyptic desert look akin to Mad Max or even Tupac and Dre. And of course, there will be more exploding zombie heads.

Does Umbrella Corp have any ties to the Hanso Foundation?

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