Posted by: Johnny Loftus on August 21, 2007 at 8:38 am

YEAR LONG DISASTER, Year Long Disaster (Volcom, 2007)
It can’t be easy to grow up the son of the Kink’s Dave Davies. Especially if, at age 14, your parents split up and you end up living with your godfather, who in this case happens to be John “Master of Horror” Carpenter. Welcome to Daniel Davies’ life.

There was an obvious way for Daniels to exorcise his genetic rock-n-roll demons, however. He started a band. As the vocalist and guitarist of LA’s Year Long Disaster, Davies has joined forces with bassist Rich Mullins (Karma to Burn) and drummer Brad Hargreaves (Third Eye Blind), and the result is an aggressive attack with little comparison to the projects of their collective past, or that of Daniels’ rangy family tree.

Year Long Disaster’s self-titled debut pays guitar-heavy homage to the cornerstones of 1970s rock music. Comparisons to Cream and Led Zeppelin come on quickly, but there is a metalhead’s spirit here, too — “It Ain’t Luck” and “Let Me Down” would’ve made heavy rotation alongside Black Sabbath and Pantera videos on MTV’s original “Headbanger’s Ball.” Consider Davies’ shriek-worthy lyrics on the latter: “Tell me baby/Who’s using who/Give me one way/To get back to/To get back to you.” Elsewhere, the fierce rhythms and strained scream of the vocals on songs like “Leda Automica” and “Galea Aponeurotica” manage to sound familiar, yet bravely new, too. Hargreaves’ drumming shoots off in furious, wild directions, like a gangster firing from the hip as he leaps sideways. But it’s Davies guitar work that keeps the whole thing rushing forward. Whatever he might owe to his lineage, he’s hacked out a sonic path all his own. With Year Long Disaster, he and his pals have torn a sizable, but still chewable chunk out of rock’s proverbial leather pants.

– Ava Dial


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