Posted by: Johnny Loftus on July 31, 2007 at 9:02 am

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Where are the two enormous sumo wrestlers from the Sprite ad? “LEMON,” “LIME,” — doesn’t the irritating ad call it “Sublymonal” advertisting? Is Doug Lyman involved at all? Anyway, Against Me! bring us “White People for Peace,” which involves these mono-colored secret police beating the hell out of each other, as well as a deranged old man who’s trying to impersonate Marilyn Manson. There may be a cheerleader with a strap-on pig nose, too, which would cap this clip’s cliche-ridden imagery. Butch Vig produced Against Me!’s newest album, New Wave. He like, worked with Nirvana and stuff, dude — maybe it was his idea to return to the cheering-cheerleaders-cheering-through-our-destruction theme.

Anyway, there are a few more shots of the deranged guy with the horrifying orthodontics, and then an overgrown baby in a lavender suit and face-paint shows up to egg on the color-coded secret police. Since it’s entirely disconnected from the song, it’s possible that this video was cribbed together from footage left over from the 1990s, and whoever directed every Blink-182 and Good Charlotte video. Shit, that deranged guy this video keeps switching back to? He’s just an extra from a Tool video, forced to live in a bus station and make money as a busker. At 1:54 he rolls around on the floor, pissed at the alternative rock establishment. The least they could have done was remove the scary orthodontics.

“Protest songs in response to military aggression” — okay Against Me!, we understand. You’re still railing against the man. The Yellows and the Oranges are revealed to be killing one another in the name of sport, big metaphors for the old men in suits who’d rather have us watching sports than complaining about how many people they’re killing. And the band’s anger is admirable. But in the meantime, this video is tired. We’re still convinced that Mark Hoppus is going to pop out of one of those colorful secret police suits.

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