Posted by: detourmag on June 29, 2007 at 8:48 am

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Eddy Grant has battles in his life. There is violence in his streets, and lots of work to be done. He looks sort of menacing, sitting in that one room urban slouch of his, monitoring the madness. If we didn’t know him better – dude was a soca pioneer – we’d think he was some criminal mastermind who’d just sent his motorcycling minions out to lean on a cross-town rival. And then Eddy’s apartment is flooded with the black soup of a thousand broken dreams.

Eddy wakes up groggy, splashing dumbly in the surf. It’s hard work shouldering the hopes of a nation. After the beach it’s the diner, and a dream sequence full of the Little Grant Overachievers. The Motorcycle Visors are here, and by now it’s clear that they aren’t Eddy’s minions, but a representation of the faceless government powers that our man is railing against in the song. The clip closes out with a few more shots of Eddy, his Little Grants, and the Visors, mostly to let the steaming pavement groove of “Electric Avenue” play out. And that’s totally fine with us. Rock it in the daytime. — Johnny Loftus


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