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DANGER, this gear is ancient, and will kill you. “Hulk,” “The Six Million Dollar Man” — technology was blocky, heavy, and scary in the mid- to late-1970s; it was a decade run on toggle switches. It was also a decade infamous for its crappy car tire construction, so it’s no wonder that trying to change a flat in the pouring rain is cited as an example of when David Banner might go nuclear. The transformation shots in this clip are surprisingly creepy. The inky darkness, the storm, the gray flashes of lightning catching Bixby’s transformation into Ferrigno — someone should raise Mary Shelley on the Telex.

But wait a minute. The investigative reporter is the only dude chasing Banner? He’s the only guy who’s curious about Banner’s death, and this mysterious green goon who flips sedans and blows up houses? The Hulk was a product of technology gone wrong. We know this. Gamma rays. But his clunky tech protected him, too. The mystery would’ve been solved toot suite with the aid of a few Web-enabled phones, not to mention a minute or two of attention from stupor-cop Horatio Caine.

Johnny Loftus


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